Kitchen Karma

Kitchens have evolved from a place to cook food to the heart of the home. Whether small or large, the kitchen is the hub of the home, a place to entertain friends, setting up your laptop, writing holiday cards, paying bills, tackling homework, sewing, flower arranging, crafting, or just hanging out with the family.

For me, the kitchen seemed like the perfect place to invoke good karma – karma made by words and actions.

Bella Cucina-01

Bella Cucina- Kitchen Canvas Art by Lerna Chadiwck

Vivi Bene-01

And if you need more of a good thing how about “Vivi Bene, Ridi Spesso, Ama Molto” ( it means “Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much” in Italian).

I had fun creating these digital works, thanks for taking a boo. If Italian isn’t your language of choice stay tuned for French words and quotes…coming soon. Enjoy!

You can license this and other fine artworks by Lerna at



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