A Convenient Way to Incorporate Multiple Images.

The multiple opening mat, sometimes called a “collage mat” is the ideal way to incorporate multiple images into one frame. You can create a stunning large scale art piece for any interior space with a collection of three or four smaller artworks.

Unless you are lucky enough to find a ready-made frame with multiple mat openings to match the dimensions of your art, I would recommend using a professional picture framer for this service. If you intend on framing original or limited edition fine art prints or photography, preservation is key. Be sure to ask for Cotton Ragboard or Museum Mat Board. These boards are archival materials that will not fade or stain the print. The Mat board should be museum-quality, made of 100% cotton fibers and at least a 4-ply thickness.

Featured above in a collage mat is ‘Colour Coalition’ – original acrylic abstract paintings on 100% cotton rag fine art paper by, yours truly. 

Abstract Art For Any Interior Style Preferences.

The image above features a smaller scale abstract I just completed a few days ago. I enjoy envisioning how a piece may fit in a living space to complete the look.

“It’s a common misconception that abstract art works only with a modern aesthetic. Although it does look great in modern settings, it can light up the most traditional of interiors as well.”

‘City-Heat’- Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas.

fire easel-mockup

My latest addition, ‘City Heat’ is professionally printed on canvas, fine art paper or metal. http://bit.ly/25CZRmR

All of my paintings have layer upon layer of colour and paint. I like the fact that some pigments peek through in full vibrancy while others are cloaked. Hidden layers of colour add a textural effect to the painting as well as change the chroma, value and  hue.

I have been lured into colour-play, texturizing  and the idea of  applying experimental methods on-the-spot. Unlike watercolour painting working with acrylics is more forgiving and the fast drying quality can be an advantage. I can edit a painting at any point prior to the final protective coat.

Mother’s Day DIY Printable Card

Mothers Day FREE Printable DIY-01

Your DIY Mother’s Day Card is here! Download the PDF file from the link below. Print on card stock from your home printer. Follow the simple 3 step instructions on the PDF and voilà – instant greeting card for Mom.

You can use this art for personal projects, no attribution is required. Enjoy.

Grab an X-acto and start your DIY!




FREE Beave DIY Printable Download.

DIY Beaver Mockup-01Beave is a whimsical art print for All Canadian Sketchy Ventures – a hand assembled, limited run, kids sketch book [sold out].

Sketchy Ventures-01

Here’s your chance to treat yourself to a fun piece of art. Create an atmosphere of personality and motivation in your nursery, office, bedroom or dorm room with this FREE DIY Printable Download. Simply click on the link, download the jpg to your desktop and print on your home printer. Trim off the excess white boarder to fit in an 8″x 10″frame. You’ll have it on your wall in a matter of minutes.

Your download will not include the watermarks.



Reselling, sharing and derivative work is not allowed.All files/images/printables/prints are for personal use only. Not for resale.


Thanks, and enjoy!

Find a license that suits your needs.

I’m having a little fun with motivational words and lovable characters.

Buyers can license any of my artwork featured on this blog. You may use the Licensed Image to create physical merchandise that is intended for resale, packaging or featured on websites, blogs, print ads, and more. Many of the files are digital vector art and I can easily remove watermarks and my signature.

Find a license that suits your needs. Rights Managed License Agreements are contracted through Pixels.Com Commercial Licensing -[licensing.pixels.com]. Shoot me an email with your thoughts and details for further discussion.

bunny-luv_-oohlalaviei-am-Canadian_-oohlalavie_etsyBFF-oohlalaviehello-Puppy-oohlalavieLittle Kitty Mockup-01Dream-Big-oohlalavieYouAreMySunshine_oohlalavieReachForTheStars_oohlalavie-MEOW_oohlalavie


B is for bumbershoot.

Quirky ABC Trio_-01

Seems like I am not the only one that believed bumbershoot was British for umbrella. In my pursuit of qualifying quirky words for children’s artwork I came across an article titled Cheerio, Bumbershoot! The word is not actually British for umbrella, by author Ben Yagoda.http://slate.me/1RgEG0i

The article is an amusingly edifying read that reconfirmed my thought that bumbershoot not only qualifies as a quirky word for kids it’s also fun to say.

I chose the traditional alphabet theme for this unexpected trio of art words. My intention is to engage, motivate and educate children of all ages. Enjoy!



Psyched for Spring

cherry blossoms haikuI can’t wait to shed the winter chills and embrace the season full of transformations. Spring is a time of change – rejuvenation, renewal, brightened moods, positive attitude and regrowth.

Have I jumped the gun? It’s not spring yet, but we can certainly get psyched for spring by creating new surroundings in our home to feed our mind with mood altering prompts. I’m not suggesting to go full throttle with drastic transformations, but rather add a few accessories as well as aromatics throughout your space. Besides the usual cleaning and decluttering, springtime is an opportunity to make changes, your environment can be compelling and have the potential to transform your life.

There are so many DIY projects that just take a little time and aren’t too overwhelming. If you already possess a creative flair all you may need is a little décor inspiration.http://bit.ly/1hdlulP

Sporting Around Town

There are 5 months to go until the start of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and the International Organizing Committee has staged several test events from February to May to keep the fans hyped. The full calendar and further information can be found at www.aquecerio.com/en

Sports Inspiration RGB-01

In 2015, Toronto became the Host City of the Pan Am and Parapan Games and for Canadian fans the Games where a success. Canada finished second place in medal count behind the United States with a grand total of 217 medals. This is the kind of excitement that rubs off providing a theme for creative inspiration. These posters are my interpretations of Toronto 2015 and I’ll be following the upcoming 2016 Rio Games all except for Wakeboarding – it didn’t make cut. ‘Dagnabbit!

Art Therapy Warm-up

8X10 Awesome Art.jpg-01-01

You don’t need to be talented or an artist to receive the therapeutic benefits of making art. Many people can stand to use some sort of creative outlet to relieve stress or tension. Often times, negative influences leave people incapable of communicating with the use of words or language. The beauty of making art for relaxation is that it is not dependent on verbal language to express feelings.

Focus on the process and not the final product. Accept mistakes, whatever you do as good, and tune in to the calm as you paint, draw or color. Don’t think about technique, it’s about immersing oneself into the flow of the process – play, improvise and express yourself without restriction.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of relaxation through artistic expression try this warm up exercise; “You’re Awesome” is a printable PDF – FREE to download. Print the file on 8.5” x 11” paper at 100% from your home printer.

The background on this print is already painted, it’s up to you to color the rest of the image any way you want. Forget about high-end materials, use inexpensive water based markers or pencil crayons. They’re portable and easy to use. Keep calm and art on!

Start your warm-up here